Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best way to care for my card?
A: There are a few rules to keeping your card in working order:

  • Keep your ID card away from magnets because they will erase the encoded information
  • Keep your ID card away from bulk erasers, radar transmitters and large electronic motors
  • Do not punch holes in the card
  • Clean your ID card with warm water and mild soap and dry with a soft cloth or towel so you don’t scratch the strip
  • Do not keep it in a Velcro closing wallet, as it may erase encoded information
If you following these guidelines, you can keep your ID card working for a long time.

Q: How do I get my ID card validated?
A: Your ID card is validated for the various privileges based on your enrolled credit hours on main campus. The magnetic strip on the back of your ID holds all the information for services you are eligible to receive here on campus; e.g. access to the Campus Health Center, Activity Center and athletic events.

Q: If my ID card is damaged, how do I replace my card?
A: If you ID is damaged or worn from natural use, the card will be replaced at no charge when the old ID is turned into the ID Card Services office.

Q: If I change my name, or I have a status change, how do I replace my card?
A: There is no charge to update your ID when you have changed your name or student status (e.g. undergraduate to graduate student). You must turn in the ID to the ID Card Services office and a new one will be issued.

Q: What if I’ve lost my card and just need a replacement?
A: To replace your ID you must come to the ID Card Services office located in the Corbett Center Student Union building. The replacement fee is $25 each time you replace the ID. Identification documents, like a driver’s license or passport may be requested before a card is reissued.

Q: What if I found my lost card after I’ve replaced it? Can I get my money back?
A: Once an ID has been replaced the old card becomes invalid. It cannot be reactivated or used. If you find your lost card, destroy or turn it into the ID Card Services office. There is no refund if the old card is returned.

Q: Can I have more than one copy of my ID card?
A: A student/employee may have only one valid card in their possession. Once an ID has been replaced, the old card becomes invalid. It cannot be reactivated or used in any manner.

Q: What if I have had my NMSU ID card stolen?
A: There is no replacement fee for a stolen ID when a copy of the police report is presented listing the NMSU ID as one of the items. The report must be dated no more than five (5) working days from the date of the theft and turned into the ID Card Services office no later than 30 days from the date of theft.

Q: What if I need a replacement ID before I can get a copy of the police report?
A: If you need a copy of your ID before you have received a copy of the police report then a $25 replacement fee must be paid. When the report is finally received and turned into the ID Card Services office then the $25 replacement fee will be reimbursed through the Accounts Payable department within two weeks from the date the police report copy is received.

Q: I am withdrawing from NMSU. What do I do with my card?
A: The NMSU card remains with the student. If you plan on returning to NMSU, hold onto your card as it can be re-activated.

Q: What if I’m returning to NMSU next semester?
A: The student is expected to return with the same card if they return within the year of their last attendance. If the student does not return with the same card, the student will be charged the $25 replacement fee.

Q: What if I am graduating? Do I need to return my ID card?
A: A graduating student may keep their NMSU ID card.

Q: What is the difference between Aggie Dining Dollars and Aggie Cash?
A: Aggie Dining Dollars are part of the Meal Plans that can only be used at the campus dining locations. Aggie Cash can be used at those same locations as well as the laundry facilities, printing in computer labs, the NMSY Bookstore, convenience stores, etc.

Q: How do I open an Aggie Cash account?
A: Stop by the ID Card Services office to complete an Aggie Cash application and to make a deposit. If you are depositing by cash there is no minimum, but if you are depositing with a debit/credit card, a $25 minimum deposit is required.

Q: I no longer want to have an Aggie Cash account. Can I get my money back?
A: Refunds are made by request only. Any balance over $10 will be refunded by check and mailed in approximately 10 business days. There are no refunds for balances under $10.

Q: Is the Aggie Cash account like having an ATM card?
A: No, an Aggie Cash account can only be used around campus for purchases and you will not be able to withdraw money from it through an ATM machine.

Q: How does the Aggie Cash account work?
A: Just present your NMSU student/faculty or staff ID card to make an on-campus purchase and your account will automatically be debited.

Q: Is there a time limit on when I can open an account?
A: No, you can open an account at any time and any balance in the account will roll over into the next semester as long as you are enrolled at NMSU.

Q: I’ve lost my card! What do I do?
A: If a card is lost or stolen, you should immediately report it to the ID Card Services office where it will be invalidated. If the cardholder fails to notify the ID Card Services office after learning of the loss or theft, the account holder is responsible for purchases.

Q: How do I (or my parents) make a deposit into my Aggie Cash account?
A: By visiting the ID Card Services office, located on the first floor of Corbett Center, Room 137 or by phone using a debit/credit card. Our phone number is (575) 646-4835. We can send you the receipt either by mail or e-mail.