Student Meal Plans

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NMSU offers a variety of student meal plan options to fit your needs. With over 15 different dining concepts on campus, you have a wide variety of food options.Student Meal Plan contracts are year-long obligations, therefore, if you have a meal plan for the Fall semester you will automatically be given the same meal plan for the Spring semester (option to change for the Spring) of the same academic year. Prices and values listed are per semester.

First year students staying in the NMSU residence Halls, who recently graduated from high school (even with Dual-Credit college credits) are required to purchase a meal plan and are limited to the Aggie Unlimited or the Aggie Choice 230. Upon verification of class standing/housing assignments, invalid choices will be changed to the Aggie Choice 230. Students required to have a meal plan, who have not applied for one by the first day of classes, will be assigned to the Aggie Choice 230.

Changes to student meal plans can only be made within the first two weeks of dining operations each semester and must be done in writing in the ID Card Services office or by e-mail at

Aggie Dining Dollars Carry Over from Fall to Spring,
but not Spring to Fall

While unused Aggie Dining Dollars carry over from the Fall semester to the subsequent Spring semester, any unused Taos meals do not. Because the meal plan contract is for one academic year, any unused Aggie Dining Dollars at the end of the Spring semester are forfeited. We think that eating nutritious meals on a regular basis is important to any college student’s health and well-being. Because there is no carryover from one school year to the next, it is important to fully use your Meal Plan.

Meal Plan Rates Aggie Dining Dollars can only be used for food and cannot be used for anything else including alcohol or gift cards.

NMealPlansHousingBUTTONMSU campus residents may login to your MyHousing account to apply for a Meal Plan. However, if you already have a housing assignment, simply print and complete the linked form and deliver or mail it to the ID Card Services Office on the 1st floor of Corbett Center Student Union across from Taos Restaurant.


MealPlansNonHousingBUTTONNon-NMSU residents can apply for a Meal Plan online via the MyHousing system. Click here to create your account and then proceed directly to the Dining/Meal Plan portion. An offline option is available by printing and completing the linked form and delivering or mailing it to the ID Card Services Office on the 1st floor of Corbett Center Student Union across from Taos Restaurant.

Checking Meals Available Balance

You can check your Meal Plan balance here. The cash registers are also able to show a balance of available meals each time you use your card. Don’t hesitate to ask a cashier for this information periodically. It’s always a good idea to keep track of how often you use your Meal Plan.

Sharing your Meal Plan – Not an Option

Meals are not transferable. The Meal Plan you purchased is for your use exclusively. You may purchase meals for guests who accompany you with your Aggie Dining Dollars, Aggie Cash or cash. Please do NOT loan your card to a friend to use. Improper use or abuse of the Meal Plan program may result in disciplinary action.


When visiting Taos or other campus restaurants and food vendors, we ask that appropriate behavior be demonstrated at all times.


Respect for your fellow diners and the facility itself is paramount in maintaining a quality food service operation. We greatly appreciate your assistance in:

  • Bussing your own table
  • Properly disposing of trash
  • Cleaning up small spills
  • Notifying food service personnel of larger spills
  • Following the rules of the area


Using Taos Restaurant Facility

Taos Restaurant is an all-you-care-to-eat facility. To help control food waste, we ask that only one entrée be taken at a time. You are welcome to return for seconds, thirds, or fourths, but please take only what you can eat and eat all that you take. Reducing food waste assists in controlling costs. If you experience a problem in Taos, please contact a member of the Dining Services staff immediately.

Customer Satisfaction

Your overall satisfaction is extremely important to us. Please participate in our Dining Customer Satisfaction Survey, which is administered once each semester. Don’t hesitate to approach a manager or contact us at the Dining Services office in Room 130 of Corbett Center Student Union regarding any concern you might have. We welcome your comments and suggestions. While there, ask us about the Food Service Advisory Committee!